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London-based Frontend engineer and writer. I write about tech, success, and life |
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Everyone talks tech these days.

And for the right reason — we, developers, need to create that magical invisible world around us.

We’ve just started. The number of opportunities is ridiculously high right now, but will be much higher in the future.

Almost any sort of new business these days…

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Everyone talks tech these days.

Software engineers are being raised to the skies in terms of their abilities and work complexities.

But sometimes, it feels like we forget about all the other professions. We ignore their difficulties by focusing on our own.

Instead of that, let’s focus on the positive…

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I remember my first encounter with responsive design. Before any investigation, it seemed incredibly complex.

The same app runs and behaves differently based on so many types of user devices?

I have to cover all the screen sizes, from ultra-wide monitors, over laptop and tablet devices, all the way to…

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Whether you’re at the beginning of your CSS journey or somewhere else, you got to admit — a number of CSS properties is massive.

And it’s easy to confuse yourself in that vast sea.

You’re copying code from StackOverflow until you find a solution that fits. But how will that…

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We, software engineers, tend to be extremely efficient beings. Our goal is to optimize everything, not just the code.

That’s why we don’t want to spend 10 seconds looking for something on the GUI. We don’t want to spend even 2 seconds. …

So many branches — Photo by Ron Whitaker on Unsplash

When I started my career, I was always afraid of losing my code changes. Sometimes, I would copy the code to text files just to be sure that I won’t miss something.

That’s not a great practice. If you know how to use git properly, you won’t have these doubts.

massive container ship loaded with containers
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When looking at Vuex tutorials, you can see most of them are quite simple.

The logic is explained well, but scalability suffers. How will this work in my production app?

Here’s a simple store example from Vuex official docs:

A simple store

There’s no need to explain this. I assume…

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Somewhere in the middle of my career, my coding skills started to grow rapidly.

I surrounded myself with the best engineers. I got the best mentorship.

Every pull request was an invaluable lesson.

However, being a great developer is much more than writing amazing code. …

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When I started working on my current commercial project, I noticed that we’re using Vuetify as a component library for our Vue.js app.

There was loads of tech debt to solve, and Vuetify’s implementation was just one of them.

At first, we needed to upgrade the version — it was…

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From the moment I started learning React, I completely fell in love with it.

I can create beautiful UIs just with JavaScript? Suddenly, I had the power of JavaScript inside HTML and CSS?

I absolutely loved it. Amazing.

I used the tool for years, but I couldn’t help myself from…

Domagoj Vidovic

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